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Ms. Shope experiencing being a second language learner on a month long trip to Germany and Ukraine.

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"If you really want to learn, nothing can stop you."
Abdulahi Ahmed (South High School student)

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TUTORING Fall 2013

Tutoring is available on Mondays from 3:00 - 3:45, Thursday 7:45 - 8:15 and at other times by appointment, in our classroom (room 317). If you do not understand something, first use your resources-- class notes, your text book,and/or contact a study partner. If you still do not understand, write down everything you tried, your question about your "point of confusion" and come meet with me! I want to teach you to be an independent learner and also help you over the bumps in your understanding!

Personal Information
I graduated with a degree in civil engineering. I worked as an engineer for the US Forest Service and a city government, designing campgrounds, streets, water and sewer lines and even worked on a city golf course design! But my love is teaching math to high school students! I am in my thirteenth year of teaching, and my sixth year here at South. I love the diversity at South and am privileged to be a part of a dedicated and hard working staff!

My goals for my students are three-fold.

First, I want my students to become responsible learners. We will learn how and practice being good students by bringing all required materials to each class, taking notes, keeping an orderly binder, participating in class, working collaboratively, doing homework and being responsible to get help when needed. Second, I want my students to become good critical thinkers. We will learn and practice problem solving skills. Third, I want my students to be proficient in the math content for the course and do well on assessments.

I will do everything I can to help my kids obtain these goals. Students need to do the WORK of learning. TOGETHER we will grow in our knowledge and understanding of math concepts!